Thursday, January 18, 2007

Chris Webber - Bridging the Hate between MSU and UofM

Let's face it. Chris Webber has proven that while there is no "i" in "team," there is a "me."

He lied to Jud Heathcoat, verbally committing to MSU then attending UofM when a certain Ed Martin came a calling with his birthday cakes full of cash.

Then he goes on to be a prime-mover in UofM Basketball's meteoric rise and catastrophic fall as a member of the Fab 5. Remember, this is the guy who showed no remorse and even rationalized his taking of the cash as "the University gets all this cash from selling my jersey and what do I get?.." line (or something to that effect). I dunno, how about a free education at a prestigious University for starters...but that is another topic and debate.

He lied to a Federal Grand Jury. By virtue of Martin's death seems to have gotten away with it and now he is back, in all his smiling and aw-shucks-I-am-just-so-happy-to-be-home glory. Super Chris, here to save the day for our beloved Detroit Pistons.

I don't buy it.

Since the rumors and now since his signing a standard topic has been floating around...

"What do you think about (the Pistons) signing C Webb?"

My social circle has a nice cross section of UofM and MSU alums or fans. As a MSU grad, I married a Wolverine. Crazy talk, I know...

My observation that if you went to UofM or MSU the opinion is similar. Regardless of your affiliation, most people don't like it. Don't get me wrong. Everyone agrees he can help the Pistons succeed and that his basketball presence is really a fortunate circumstance.

However Webber had an opportunity to erase all the bullshit he and I emphasize HE created by addressing it head on, perhaps even offering an apology. But he didn't.

He skirted the answers when the inevitable questions came proving yet again his sociopath's view of the situation. No remorse. Y'all just don't understand. His demeanor mildly laden with disgust that one would even ask the question.

Considering this consistent behaviour I think it is reasonable to conclude that we can expect the same consistency on the court. This man is not destined for championships. Perhaps ordained by some act of ethical check-and-balance, Chris will never be able to have his cake and eat it too.

Let's face it, he is not the new Rasheed. The one piece that turned the Piston's into a roaring machine two years ago. He is an aging player whose skills are on the downside. He is a defensive liability on a team (minus Ben Wallace) who needs a greater sense of defense.

So Piston fans, don't get too jacked up. The only thing Webber's signing has really done is to get Spartans and Wolverines to agree on a topic. And if you think about it -- that is a bad thing too.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Carr Must Go

Enough is enough. We no longer live in a world where just being the good guy means you get to keep your job. We live in a world where winning is everything. Unfortunate but true, and especially in sports. Lloyd is not a winner. A true winner might lose, but they learn from losing. Lloyd has not learned anything from his last three 0-2 finishes. Simply, Pete Carroll (a winner) knows this about Lloyd, as does Tressel (a winner). Pete Carroll knows that Lloyd doesnt learn from past mistakes, and Pete basically ran the exact same defense he did the last time he pounded Carr. Please note, I am not saying U of M and USC, I am specific that this is about coaching. If you switched and had Carroll coach Michigan, Michigan would have won. The talent is similar enough. Leadership is the difference. Carr must go.