Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Carr Must Go

Enough is enough. We no longer live in a world where just being the good guy means you get to keep your job. We live in a world where winning is everything. Unfortunate but true, and especially in sports. Lloyd is not a winner. A true winner might lose, but they learn from losing. Lloyd has not learned anything from his last three 0-2 finishes. Simply, Pete Carroll (a winner) knows this about Lloyd, as does Tressel (a winner). Pete Carroll knows that Lloyd doesnt learn from past mistakes, and Pete basically ran the exact same defense he did the last time he pounded Carr. Please note, I am not saying U of M and USC, I am specific that this is about coaching. If you switched and had Carroll coach Michigan, Michigan would have won. The talent is similar enough. Leadership is the difference. Carr must go.

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