Thursday, March 1, 2007

Well, it happened - kind of...

A few days late.

My previous post predicted a response from MSU's win over Wisconsin. I predicted the response, again from a former co-worker and fellow alum of MSU would lace some form of bash of UofM's program even though they were not part of the equation.

Well, that did not happen.

However I just received an email from that person, now two days post MSU's loss to UofM.

Here is the text:

Click the link below when you have five minutes or so where you will be uninterrupted. I love that this gets discussed annually. I forgot some of the details but the story brings it all back. The accompanying video is nice too. Enjoy gentlemen!

So that you don't have to waste the time he is begging you to waste, the story is about Chris Webber's time-out in the 1993 National Title Game.

Yep. 1993.

So his tacit acknowledgement of the recent MSU loss is to resurface something bad that happened to UofM 14 years ago.


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